Who we are

lolWho we are: At The White Card Company, we believe that Invitation cards should always leave your guests eagerly anticipating your big day; this is the reason we are very passionate about creating not just stationery but Exquisite, Luxe Stationery that add pizzazz.

From a young age, I have loved and had strong connections with all things creative arts. Truth be told, I was always in my element every time I held a pencil or paint brush to hand; and would doodle away on any paper that had the misfortune of coming my way. I remember always getting in trouble with my dad as his Newspapers and the last page of my school note books were not spared.

Fast forward to years later, I always obsessed about anything art, more so events stationery and would only look forward to attending social events and weddings with the most beautifully crafted invitation cards. And of course, these types of invitations were rare and hardly ever came along. These frustrations were further fuelled while planning my own wedding as finding ‘the’ card was near impossible!.

All of these led to the creation of The White Card Company and that’s the reason we are dedicated and passionate about what we do. From conception to creating the final piece, we get a buzz that cannot be described with words. Our pieces are all amazingly crafted, unique and breath-taking; and with each invitation suite very slightly different from the last, we provide a very bespoke service to each of our clients.

We love putting together and coordinating stationery and with our keen eye for detail, creativity and unconventionality; we will go to all lengths to see your papered dreams come to life. Our invitation cards are not just mere cards but are in fact keepsakes that anyone would have a hard time tossing away even after your event.

When it comes to embellishments we love to dare to be different and use nothing but the most amazing pieces that will set your invitation cards apart in the world of Couture Cards. From feathers, to fine crystals, ribbons, brooches, rich vintage lace, raw silk…only the best is sourced and used.

Other than compliment, our range of designs will also enhance your unique vision for your special day. So if you are looking for that design studio that can create stationery to wow your guests then you are at the right place.

We look forward to meeting and working with you to create an invitation suite that would bring to life what you envision for your special day.

That’s enough of us…Now, let’s hear from you. To book a consultation, please contact us